Leigh Carrasco ND

Traditional Naturopath from Trinity School of Natural Health

Masters in Teaching  from University of Rochester

Bachelors in Spanish Language and Literature from Clarion University

Author of the Juicy Jack Adventures Series

Leigh places high importance on educating her clients to become their best selves through natural health and wellness. 

Why Natural Health?

Nature provides everything needed to achieve and maintain balance to live well and be happy.

Top 3 changes to achieve a balanced-self.

#1. Drink Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water, 1/2 your body weight in oz./day

#2. Take a Digestive Enzyme with each meal.

#3. Take a great Probiotic each day. One that fits your specific needs.

Why Home Consultations?

Leigh takes time to form personal relationships with her clients to help them successfully reach their wellness goals. When she experiences a client's daily environment she gains crucial insight that helps create an effective plan for success. 

Strive for Balance

Be your best self.

Build energy reserves.

Reach out. Get Balanced.