Homeoprofylaxis: "HP" for short

What is HP?

Homeoprophylaxis has been in use since it's discovery by Dr. Hahnemann in 1798, when he found a way to cure and prevent Scarlet Fever.  In the over two hundred years of it's use, it's become a historically proven natural way to educate the immune system to respond in an effective manner to provide a strong level of protection to any targeted infectious disease.    

HP is 100% non-toxic and appropriate for all ages and has no drug interactions, contraindications, or negative side effects. HP is typically administered through nosodes which are small pin head sized pillets that are placed under the tongue or dissolved in water for ingestion.   

HP can be used in the short term for illnesses such as seasonal Influenza or for tropical vacation type pathogens such as Typhoid Fever or Malaria. It can also be used for long term protection to pathogens such as Meningococcal Disease, Measles, Shingles, Bartonella, Borrelia, HPV among many more.  HP nosodes exist for most diseases and are a safe and simple way to protect the body without adding to it's toxic burden. 

The cost of HP depends on what your goal is. For example the "Flu" Nosode is $56 and is enough for a family of 4 for the season.  Other pathogens are similarly priced. There is no in-person appointment required.  

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Please contact me via email or phone to start the process or to see if HP is right for you. No in-person appointment is needed. Each purchase comes with an individualized instruction sheet. We ship overseas.