never underestimate mud


Mud Therapy vs. MudPacking

Slathering the body with mud is a great way to detox but Mudpacking pops the dents out of the  bioenergetic field making it flow again like a well oiled machine. The two are very different.


What is BioEnergetic MudPacking?

MudPacking is a holistic modality using highly nutritive mud in order to restore energetic disruptions in the body due to injury.   What does that mean exactly?  Our bodies have an energetic field called a biofield that has a very subtle electrical  flow both in and around your body, just as our blood has a specific flow, only this field is invisible. That being said, just because we can't see it, doesn't mean that it isn't very real and can't suffer from injury. The biofield can be cut, dented or crushed. These injuries happen when we cut our skin, have surgery, get a tattoo, have an injection, c-section, dental work, get a concussion or any type of strong hit such as being tossed about in a car accident among others. These energetic wounds can remain long after tissue has healed. 

What happens when we have a biofield injury?  The body's energetic pathway is disrupted. This means that organs aren't receiving/sending complete messages and are  unable to function at an optimal level. It also means that you are probably relying on too many supplements or medicines, striving to function normally.  Imagine if your garden hose had a kink.  When you get the kink out it works efficiently. This is the same concept with our biofield. Mudpacking gets the kinks out so it can get to work and begin repairs. 

Fortunately Mudpacking can reverse many biofield injuries. Most people have multiple injuries that have lingered since childhood.  Mudpacking is a two-step process and requires multiple hours to complete. These can be completed in one session or multiple depending on how many injuries are presented.  The cost is determined by the amount of injuries. The first session is 90 minutes at a cost of  $275. During that session the downloads will be cleared. Mud will be applied to the tops and bottoms of both hands and feet to prepare the biofield to better hold healing at the injury sites. The second session is at of cost of $60 per Interference Field (IF), ie. injury site. It takes approximately 20 minutes to work on each IF site.  Sometimes multiple sessions are needed due to the amount of Interference Fields.  Often mudpacking one site actually clears up multiple sites.  When at all possible the two sessions will be done on the same day with a break in between if needed.  I find that clients are very comfortable doing this in their home because they can actually watch television to pass time more quickly, especially for children and teens.  

Children and teens are  prone to biofield injuries due to their active nature. Head injuries are on the rise with the increased interest and intensity of sports. Please have your children checked. I am more than happy to do a quick assessment to see if they have any injuries. This assessment is $50 and should only take about 15 minutes.  If they do have injuries and you wish to move forward with Mudpacking, this assessment fee will be deducted from your final cost. 

NOTE: Mudpacking  does  not diagnose, treat or cure diseases  It simply restores energetic disruptions in the body due to injury .

MudPacking is how we correct what western medicine cannot see.    (Chelsea Barlow)